In the Cyprus "crisis", the "Poland crisis", and the Spain "crisis", they grabbed partial bank accounts from people, not their land. It would be a good thing to own some small town land.



  Own Something REAL -...Because they can’t print more land!   Zero Down OK - No qualifying, No credit check

Here are some of the available zero down properties...


"BEST OFFER" - Click here to see the seven low- priced "best offer" properties I am presently liquidating !!

29 Palms family compound - Your extended family can own this. Available for zero down, here are 6.25 acres, 272,250 square feet of land, in three adjacent parcels, adjacent to 4214 Desert Heights Dr. The 1.25-acre property to the south is 165' wide and 330' deep. Three sides of this property have already been fenced. The two, 2.5-acre parcels to the east are 165' wide and 660' deep with water meters already installed. Two large government-owned parcels adjoin the south half of the two larger parcels, enhancing your continued privacy. With a reasonable down payment, I will carry the $40,900 financing for the entire compound. I am even willing to accept monthly installments for the down payment. For example, you might want to make a $5,000 down payment, at $500 per month for ten months, zero interest. Then you might want me to carry $35,900 financing at eight percent for six years at $630 per month. This is only an example! Or, If you wanted three different agreements for the three different parcels, each agreement with different members of your family, I would do that too. Click here.

29 Palms:
On Mesquite Avenue well located in the heart of downtown, post office is across the street. the second lot south of the house at 6330 Mesquite Avenue. It is 60' x 120', behind the house at 6349 Palo Verde Avenue. The Zip Code is 92277 and the Thomas Guide is 4892 E5. The property in a developed part of 29 Palms, but there is still ample open space for that "small town" look and feel. Only $7,900, with $0 down, $164 per month. Click here.

29 Palms: Maybe you prefer your vacant lot to already have a water meter? These do.

Kellogg Ave, $10,900, click here
Buena Vista Dr, $10,900, click here
El Paseo at Mojave, $12,900, click here
49 Palms Ave, $11,900 click here
Saladin Ave, $10,900, click here
Woodward Ave, only $8,900, click here
Persia Ave, $10,900, click here

Lucerne Valley: 2.50 acres, secluded area of SW Lucerne Valley, 330 feet by 330 feet in size, accessible via Custer Ave. You are wending your way through space and time, on the road that is truly less traveled. Wait! The sign post up ahead! (No, not the Twilight Zone, it's Azurite Road.) Adjacent to the south of this land is the residence at 31072 Azurite. Not likely to be many visitors here, y'all come back now! Only $6,995, own it for $146 per month, click here.


29 Palms: If you find even small town life “too crowded” then this Wonder Valley property is something you should see. It is located on the south side of Pipe Line Road (also known locally as “Star Lane”), just west of Meriwether Road, well to the east of 29 Palms. There are scattered neighbors out here, including two adjacent to the west, on similar 5-acre parcels. Much of the land in this area is government-owned, and almost surely won’t be developed any time soon, if ever. The Zip Code is 92277, and the Thomas Map is 4824/4825 A4. Only $5,900, zero down, $123 per month.   Click here.

29 Palms: 2.5 acres near the Marine Base, three parcels east of Bagdad Highway and two blocks north of paved Valle Vista Road. It's across the street to the south of "Critter Sitters" and adjacent to the west of 75477 Blisterback Rd (aka "Sunny Sands Drive"). The 29 Palms Water District does serve this parcel. It's 330 feet wide on Blisterback and 330 feet deep. The Zip Code is 92277, and the Thomas Map is 4822 J4. Only $7,900, zero down, $164 per month.  Click here.

Yucca Valley:
Here is a big 134 feet of frontage on Balsa Ave, with a depth of more than 197 feet. 20,647 sq ft, a HUGE residential lot, more than 0.47 acres, between the two houses at 3872 and 3906 Balsa Ave. Quality property for use now or future appreciation. In the beautiful Yucca Glen area, with a Yucca Valley zip code. The Zip Code is 92284, and the Thomas Guide is 4888 B1. Only $10,900, financing up to six years if you want it, $0 down, $197 per month, less with a down payment. Click here.

Lucerne Valley: A 2.5 acre (108,900 sq ft) secluded parcel at the northwest corner of Peyton Pl and Peffer Ln, just 660' north of Rabbit Springs Rd. A relatively remote part of Lucerne Valley, east of town. A few scattered neighbors out here. The rocks are your view to the north, and the horizon is your view in the other directions. How big is one acre? The "action" part of a football field is about one acre. (Makes a person appreciate all the more how much land you get with a 2.5-acre parcel!). Zip Code 92356, Thomas Map 4302/4392 H6. Only $9,950, $207 per month. Click here.

Lucerne Valley: If Peyton Place isn't quiet enough for you, this one is even quieter. A gigantic 8.84 acres (385,069 sq ft) Salvia Ave (aka Sun Rose Ave), this is tucked away in a corner of the valley, around behind the rocks, north and well east of town. At sunset the rocks will cast long, flat shadows as the lizards settle down for the night and the birds return to their nests. Perhaps you will light up your portable grill and channel your inner pioneer spirit for a secluded dinner for two? Or watch for shooting stars (virtually no light pollution out here). Or both! Also perfect for a family, a group of friends, or an investment club. Actually, the entire San Diego Zoo is about 99 acres, and this one combined parcel is just under nine acres. "Give me a home, where the elephants roam. . ." Only $16,900, $305 per month. Click here.

Joshua Tree: If you like Joshua Tree but want something even more rural,try this 2.41 acre parcel of north of Aberdeen Dr west of Border Ave. A few nearby neighbors, but not many, out in this area. More than 104,970 square feet, across the street and one parcel south of 2575 Manana Avenue. More than 345' frontage on Manana, more than 302' deep. This is a scenic area outside of the main part of Joshua Tree with panoramic views in all directions. Zip Code 92252, Thomas Guide 4819 B4. Only $7,900, $164 per month. SORRY, SOLD.  Or even MORE rural, a 2.23 acre parcel at the northwest corner of Arizona Ave at Broad Way, at TG 4889 H2.  Click here. Only $6,900, $172 per month!

Johnson Valley: This five acres of nice usable land is adjacent to the west of the house at 49076 Ocotillo Road. Johnson Valley is a hidden gem of an area along Highway 247 between Yucca Valley and Lucerne Valley. The Thomas Guide page is 4484/4575 E6. The Zip Code is 92285. The land parcels out here are all fairly large, so you will have ample “elbow room”, privacy and views to the horizon. There are scattered houses throughout this area. Valued at $8,900, only $185 per month, ask for the map and aerial photo, and let's talk. Click here.


Daggett, east of Barstow:
1.91 acres in the southwestern part of Daggett area, south side of Highway 40 along Pendleton Rd, is south of historic "Get Your Kicks on Route 66". Directions on request, also an aerial photo. On the other side of the neighbors sits the USMC Supply Center Firing Range. On the north side of Route 66 is the USMC Depot of Supplies, Yermo Annex. East of Barstow but you might as well be in another county, truly a rural location. Some additional neighbors north of Highway 40 along Cady Road, but this property is fairly described as "secluded". A rarity these days, good access but space to be left alone by yourself!Only $6,900,  and only $143 per month. Click here.

29 Palms: Two adjacent lots at the SE corner of Old Dale and Tamarisk. Each lot is 129 feet deep. Corner lot has 65’ frontage on Old Dale, second lot has 64’ of frontage. Located north of the house at 6733 Tamarisk. Zip Code 92277, Thomas Guide 4892 E6. Well located, nice views, developed area, flat and clean land. Build now, or hold for the future. Only $6,900 each, even with $0 down only $143 monthly per lot, take one or both. Click here.

Joshua Tree: About 0.45 acre (19,800 square feet), adjacent to the east of the house at 63453 Walpi Drive. With 105 feet of frontage on Walpi this is about twice the size of a typical city lot, for the same price. Good clean flat land, clean neighborhood with big lots. The Zip Code is 92252, and the Thomas Guide is 4889 F3. Desirable in many ways as the high desert continues to grow. Only $8,900, even with no money down only $185 monthly. Click here.

Lucerne Valley:
This you gotta see. 4.74 acres Chrysolite near Algoman, about 8 miles north of downtown Lucerne Valley, adjacent to the west of 31675 Chrysolite. Two giant adjacent parcels, each 204' wide and 505' deep, take one or both.The sunsets cast long shadows from behind the rocks to the west. “Heavenly shades of night are falling, it’s twilight time; out of the mist your voice is calling, tis twilight time…" Once this land is in your family it will stay in your family. "Can we go today? What is this strange-looking lizard?" Zip 92356, Thomas Guide 4120/4210 F5, ask for the maps, it's easy to get there. $9,900 per parcel, with zero down it's $206 per month per parcel. Click here.


29 Palms:
This 70' x 123' lot is surrounded by multi-unit housing, in a desirable part of 29 Palms, near the corner of Yucca Ave and Joshua Dr. The duplex next door to the north is 6361 Yucca Avenue. The lot is adjacent to the south of that duplex. If you find any other duplex land available for zero down you are a better sleuth than I am. Ask the Realtors for their "nothing down" properties <smile>. They don't have any. Build your own duplex, live in one unit and have your tenant help you pay for your own home? Or rent both units and have two tenants pay for your retirement future. Now reduced to only $9,900, only $206 per month. Ask for the map and aerial photo, own this land! Click here. 

29 Palms:
At the southwest corner of South Slope Drive & Ocotillo Avenue, adjacent to the north of 6010 Ocotillo, in the heart 29 Palms. This lot is 9,275 square feet, with 123+ feet of frontage on South Slope and 75+ feet of frontage on Ocotillo. The zoning is R-2. There are many duplexes here, I can send a map that shows their locations and addresses. The area is well located and has a bright future, expect development in the downtown area. The Zip Code is 92277, and the Thomas Guide is 4892 E4. Only $8,900, even with zero down only $185 per month. Click here.

Newberry Springs,
a unique area of So Cal. There is a network of underground earthquake faults, some old and some REALLY old, that block the natural flow of ground water through underground aquifers. That makes the ground water rise closer to the surface. That’s how the area was named, and that how the area has a water supply to support residences, ranches and agriculture. Your choice of two acreage parcels (a) 5 acres +/- at Tioga and Mountain View for $12,900, only $268 per month [click here], and (b) 4.65 acres on Tonopah Street for $11,900, only $247 per month [click here], no money down, you can own a piece of this hidden gem of an area. Ask for the maps and details!

Newberry Springs
: Here's another one: 4.16 acres at the northeast corner of Palos Verdes Road and Mountain View Road. There are 290 feet of frontage on Mountain View and 623 feet of frontage on Palos Verdes. Hmm, that's about one football field wide and two football fields long. Perfect location for an orchard with fruit trees, a nice place to get away. Build a shuffleboard court, create a topiary or sculpture garden, it's a lot of land, use your imagination! Only $12,900, $268 per month, click here.

Newberry Springs:
And here's another one, under 3.7 cents/sq ft. This 5-acre parcel (217,800 sq ft of land), is east of Harvard Road, west of Buena Vista Drive, north of Mannix Road, and south of Rodeo Drive. It is about 330 feet south and west of the house at 46849 Rodeo Drive. The Thomas Guide is 3594 F2, and the Zip Code is 92356. Get there via Harvard Rd. Find Rodeo Dr, just south of the giant "crop circle" that fronts on Harvard Road. Go east on Rodeo Drive half a mile to the house at 46849 Rodeo Drive. Only $7,900, $164 per month, for full details click here.


nders: 2.5 acres  located on the north side of Stearman Rd, just west of the house at 58450 Stearman. To the west of the parcel are two houses at 1341 and 1323 Landers Lane. A friend of mine in the area tells me that, long ago, this parcel was a part of the landing field for what was once the Landers Airstrip. But don't worry, unless you build a small hut and start waving flashlights around, odds are that Amelia Earhart won't be dropping in any time soon. This is a nice property, in a desirable area. The Zip Code is 92285, and the Thomas Guide is 4748 B2. Own it for your pleasure now and for financial benefit later. Valued at $9,900, only $206 per month. Click here.

Lucerne Valley:
One and a quarter acres on Fairlane Road, north of 36006 Sutter Road. Getting there is easy. Take Highway 247 to Visalia Ave, turn south. When you get to Sutter turn east. You will pass Chickasaw Trail, Santa Fe Trail, Blackhawk Trail, then you arrive at Fairlane Road. Turn north, go 330', and the parcel is on your left. 165' frontage on Fairlane Road by 330' deep, great area. The Zip Code is 92356, and the Thomas Guide is 4481 J5. Only $9,950, $207 per month and this desirable acreage is yours. Click here.

Lucerne Valley
: Close to the Fairlane Road property shown above: here is a well-located 1.1 acre parcel ( roughly 165 feet frontage on Sutter Road, about 290+ feet deep, some 47.900+ square feet) in one of the better parts of Lucerne Valley, CA. The property is between the houses at 35833 Sutter Road and 35895 Sutter Road. The south-western portion of this property is crossed by a wash, and a corresponding easement, for flood control. You cannot build on the easement. But there is ample space on the north-eastern portion of this property for residential use. The Thomas Guide is 4481 H5, the Zip code is 92356. Only $8,900 at $185 per month. Click here.

Joshua Tree:
Four nearby residential lots in "The Avenidas" subdivision, one of the nicest areas in Joshua Tree. Each lot is 105' x 185', or 0.44+ acre. One is between the houses at 4571 and 4601 Ave Espana Daga. Click here.  Another is across the street and three lots north, just north of the house at 4556 Ave Espana Daga. The third and fourth are between 4741 and 4789 Ave del Sol (click here), no neighbor on the other side. The houses and yards are well kept and the properties are desirable. Why not "the best" for your land investment? Take your choice, ask for the maps and see them all at the same time, then choose your favorite. Only $10,900 per lot, $197 per month. 

29 Palms:
Two lots on Stardune Avenue in a nice residential area of town. Each lot has 50' frontage on Stardune and is over 139' deep. The first lot is adjacent to the south of the house at 6609 Stardune, and the second lot is adjacent to the south of the house at 72757 Stardune (at the corner of Juanita and Stardune). The Thomas Guide is 4892 C6, and the Zip Code is 92277. Take your choice of these two parcels. A quality piece of buildable land to call your own and zero down into the bargain? Priceless. Only $7,400, even with zero down the monthly amount can be as low as $154. Ask me for the maps and photos!
TEN PERCENT discount if you DO take both! Click here.


In the town of Argus, east of China Lake Naval Air Station, San Bernardino County, Thomas Guide 2144 H5. This is a 50 x 140 lot between the houses at 82459 and 82475 Second Street, between G Street and H Street. Many houses on this block and in the other blocks shown on the Assessor’s Map. Find it with Google Maps, the zip code is 93562. Argus is probably the small town land capital of the entire county. Relatively remote location. Ask for the link to the aerial photo or paper copies of the maps. Great starter property, only $2,995, terms to suit, let's talk. "Owner financed" is the way to own cheap but good land with no money down. Click here.

A gigantic 330’ x 330’ (108,900 sq ft or 2.5 acres) parcel, corner of Swayback Rd & American Ave in Hinkley, just west of Barstow. There are neighbors out here “in the country”. Blue jeans are the order of the day, watch out for the traffic jams, more than one tractor on the road at the same time. Cheap rural land, perfect for a getaway retreat. This parcel is as big as fifteen normal 60’x120’ city lots. It can be yours for less than the price of one. 1/4 mile west of 42650 and 42726 Hinkley Rd. TG 349 B6,  REDUCED now only $6,900, $143 per month. There is another 2.5 acre parcel in the same area, behind and one parcel north of 42770 Hinkley Rd. Ask for the map, see them both at the same time. Click here.

Here is a relatively undeveloped area but still close to civilization. This is a 50' x 150' lot on Park Avenue, a dirt road, for only $3,950. Two lots to the west, Lot 24 was once fenced. Start at the east edge of where the fence used to be ... [just kidding]. Ask for the aerial photo and aerial map! Within a quarter mile to the east there are houses on Mulberry Avenue and Flower Road. This is the kind of "collectible" raw land that will take care of itself indefinitely. The Zip Code is 92347, and the Thomas Guide is 3587 F5. Actually, there are two other similar parcels, both larger, also available on this map, see all three of them! Even with zero down it's only $99 per month. Click here.

I know what you want. Not 50x150. Not 2.5 acres. How about TEN ACRES? From old Highway 58 to Hinkley Road, then north on Hinkley Road about 6 miles or so to Grasshopper Road. Turn west on Grasshopper and after half a mile, you will be at the corner of Grasshopper and Harpers. The acreage is at the northeast corner of that intersection. About 435,600 square feet, not quite half a million, 660' x 660', that ought to be enough. No, I don't have anything larger. Zip Code 92347, Thomas Map is 349 B6. $14,500, just $262 per month. Click here.


60’ x 135’ lot on First St West - with a paid water meter! -adjacent to the north of 64922 Second St South, in the Sunfair area of Joshua Tree. Click here. There is an air strip just to the southwest of this property, the "High Desert Airport". Joshua Tree is closer to Palm Springs than 29 Palms by a good 20 minutes. Great views, but close enough to Yucca Valley so that your shopping trips don't become expeditions. TG 4890 A3, only $10,900, $226 per month. Another similar - but larger - lot, adjacent to the west of 64984 Walpi Drive, right across the street to the south is a beautiful outdoor sculpture garden with art by Simi Dabah, for only $7,900. Click here. Ask for maps- see two lots at the same time. $164 per month.

1.28 acres (70’  x 800’)  adjacent to the house at 61726 Hilltop Drive, Joshua Tree. REALLLLLY deep lot, 800 feet ls almost three football fields. Room for your garden, pool, jacuzzi, shuffleboard, barbecue, orchard, and more, you get the idea. Plenty of elbow room and a scenic vista into the bargain. Ask for the maps and a photo taken from the street corner. TG 4889 B5, REDUCED NOW TO $14,500, $301 per month. Click here.

Lot adjacent to the house at 6666 Datura Avenue, 29 Palms, TG 4892B6. Ready to build or simply hold for the future. Only $7,900, with zero down the monthly investment is only $164 per month. The adjacent lot is available as well, same terms. The local marine base is a source of economic stability for the city of 29 Palms and the surrounding area. 29 Palms is the last city of any size before the Colorado River, people who locate here desire the small town environment. Click here.

Lot adjacent to the house at 6587 Persia Avenue, 29 Palms, TG 4892H6. Ready to build or simply hold for the future. Only $8,400, with zero down the monthly investment is only $152 per month. Flat, clean, you have plenty of open space and just the right number of neighbors. "Land for sale by Owner" offers the most flexible financing of all. Take advantage of it!  click here. 

Lot on Ocotillo Ave across from house at 73775 Sunnyvale, 29 Palms. Nice area near Adobe, the road to the main entrance of the Marine base a couple of miles to the north. Close to the heart of town but still has that desirable small-town feel.  TG 4892E4. REDUCED to $8,900, now only $161 per month, click here. 

Lot adjacent to 7430 Maude Adams Ave, 29 Palms, "White picket fence" bedroom communities are always in demand. You owe it to yourself to be ready to profit from future residential demand in this area. Buy land you can eventually use, usable vacant land is always at a premium. Great mountain views and plenty of open space to watch the sunsets. TG 4962 H1, Zip 92277. Valued at $7,400... 30 months at zero interest ($247 per month) or for 5 years at 9% interest ($154 per month), your choice. click here. 


Unique football-field-sized, 1.03 acre (300’ x 150’) city lot at the northwest corner of Sunset Dr. and Araby Avenue, 29 Palms. How many people do you know who own a lot as big as a football field? The best desert land for sale you will find anywhere. What kind of house and grounds could you enjoy on a one-acre lot inside the city? Imagine the possibilities, own this property! TG 4962 H1, $16,900, only $351 per month, click here. Well, maybe not totally unique, here is another one near it, also 1.03 acres, at the northwest corner of Sunrise and Araby, this one is only $17,500, and $364 per month, click here! Or, own them both and build two mansions at the same time?

Lot on south side of Sunset Drive between Persia and Sherman Hoyt, 29 Palms, Another bedroom community lot for sale with no money down. ANYONE can afford "zero down"! Careful when you walk on the desert land out here, don't step on the occasional desert tortoise or startle the jackrabbits. They have enough to worry about from the occasional coyotes. TG 4962 H1, $7,400, $154 per month, click here.

29 Palms
: Five acres near the 29 Palms airport. Access is via 29 Palms Hwy, Gopher Grove
Lane (yes, that's really the name of the street), and Sullivan Ave.  Back in the day, you would have been able to land your plane, climb out onto the tarmac, and walk to this property. Not now. In this block there are ten government-owned parcels. Unless they expand the airport one day, don't expect anything to be built on them. Adjacent to the east of 78123 Sullivan Rd, Zip 92277, Thomas Map 4893 G6. Only $7,950, just $165 per month. Click here.

nders: This 1.25-acre parcel has 330 feet of frontage on Wassail Rd, and 165 feet of frontage on Phillips Rd, also known as Outpost Road. It is on the southwest corner of Wassail and Phillips. There are nearby homes. The Zip Code is 92285, and the Thomas Guide is 4749 A4. The property in a developed part of Landers, but there is still ample open space for that "out in the country" look and feel. This would be a perfect place for a get-away retreat. Land out here will be a stable investment for your future. Only $7,900, even with no money down only $164 monthly. Click here.

Sunfair area of Joshua Tree: Here are 1.43 acres on the south side of Sun Mesa Road, just north and east of the Roy Williams Airport. This flat land has 210' frontage on Sun Mesa, and is 296.5' deep. Adjacent lot is also available. "BIg Sky" views to the horizons, no extra charge for any visiting tortoises, jackrabbits or lizards. Shop in nearby Yucca Valley, visit the nearby National Park or relax and watch the occasional spring wildflowers grow and the satellites meander across the night sky. Only $7,400, $154 per month. Click here. 

: 4.54 (197,762 square feet) residential acres, near Sespe St. Two adjacent parcels from Gerber to Ducor. 600' deep, two football fields, 300' wide, one football field, enough for whatever you want to do in your "yard". Served water by the Co Special Districts CSA 70 W-1. Edison electric service to the many homes in the area. To the east lies the Marine Base, providing continuity of employment for contractors and civilians living in the area. The Marine families also contribute to the values and vibrancy of the local economy. $17,000, Easy terms, click here. 


Let me know what you are looking for, and I will send you the details for any of my properties that are a good match. Or, if you prefer to "do it yourself", for a searchable data base of the many Zero Down properties, go to:

... and click "Categories", then click "Southern California Vacant Land", choose "Advanced Search", and enter your
target price range, "$2000 to $6000" or whatever you like. It will show you all the properties in that price range. Then click "Lowest Price" and it will put them in price order. Or you can search by area, just enter the city or town you want to see - Landers, 29 Palms, Joshua Tree, Yucca Valley, Newberry Springs, Johnson Valley, Lucerne Valley, or Hinkley ... if I have something there it will show in the search results.


Any comments or suggestions you might have are welcome. If you don't see what you are looking for, or if you want to discuss special terms, please call or email me about it. You will find me easy to work with.

or call Mike at 818-240-7391



1. There is a limited supply: No more is being made (except perhaps via volcanic lava flow in Hawaii!)
2. It cannot burn down, receive graffiti, there are no renter problems,
little if any maintenance, low taxes. As they say, "No Tenants, No Toilets, No Termites"

3. It can be shown on your financial statement, any payments you are making will not show on your credit report or count against you for any loan application.
4. Land is the perfect inflation hedge, your equity builds quickly, the increase in value over time is not a taxable event.
5. Most people do not
own real estate, especially So Calif real estate.
6. It can be sold upon your retirement, it can't be raided, confiscated by the government in the name of some "crisis", or misinvested like corporate retirement plans.
7. It
reduces your future dependence on Social Security.
8. Humans have a primal urge to control territory, land is
always in demand.
9. Land represents a start toward financial independence.
10. Each piece of land is unique, and has only one owner.
11. Land will make you feel and actually be more
Your not-so-friendly bank can't unilaterally decide to take a percentage of it due to a "crisis". There is no income tax event until you sell it. And well selected land will build equity somewhat faster than 0.10% annually.
12. Whether you own one land parcel or many, long term economic forces (population growth, need for more housing, inflation, and the natural desire of each person to improve their own financial position) will be working in your favor
13. People who own real estate have more
confidence than people who don't own real estate. Land is today's "money in the bank", a phrase that no longer means what it once meant.
14. Years from now most people will have spent $200-$300 a month or more for entertainment and have nothing to show for it, but if you invest in land now you'll have a piece of property free and clear.
15. Own real estate. It will empower and build on your past, make progress for the present, and provide hope for the future.

It’s true this vacant land for sale by owner (abbreviated "fsbo") is low priced. But don’t think of it as cheap land. It’s usable land to buy  now to help secure your future. It’s different than the “land for cheap” offered by others that is “out in the middle of nowhere”. You are dealing with an individual fsbo, not some land sale company. You could do an MLS online search to find an MLS listing. You could talk to your favorite realtor. You will find their land prices are higher, the transaction costs are higher, and they won't accept "no money down".

Don't risk bidding at land auctions where you have no idea who you are bidding against, or even if there really is someone else bidding. Here, what you see is what you get. You don't want to "buy cheap land", you want to buy good land cheap! Ask me for the aerial photo link, and for maps, to any of these parcels and see that you CAN own usable land, that will hold its value and appreciate over time. 

Feel free to write or call any time, I would be glad to hear from you.

or call Mike at 818-240-7391


There are 43,560 square feet in one acre of land. The "action" part of a college or pro football field is about an acre. (Makes a person appreciate all the more how much land you actually get with a 2.5- or 5-acre parcel!) The following parcels would all contain one acre of land:

660 feet long by 66 feet wide; or
330 feet long by 132 feet wide; or
264 feet long by 165 feet wide: or
a square parcel with 208.71 feet on each side

Feel free to email me if you have area-related questions regarding acres or square feet.


I do not want to make a list  Of all the bargain land I've missed.
Good parcels that were in my grip-  I watched them through my fingers slip:
The acreage that I should have bought  Was lost because I over thought...
And while I thought things over twice  Another grabbed it at the price.

It seems I always hesitate,  Then make up my mind much too late.
A very cautious one am I  And that is why I never buy...
A corner here, two acres there,  Compounding values year by year,
I chose to think and as I thought,  They bought the land I should have bought.

Last night I had a fearful dream  I know I wakened with a scream:
Some men approached me in my bed-  For trinkets on the barrel head
(In dollar bills worth twenty-four  And nothing less and nothing more)
They'd sell Manhattan Isle to me,  The most I'd go was twenty-three
Those men scowled: "Not on a bet!"  And sold to Peter Minuit.

At times a tear drop drowns my eye  For land I could, but did not, buy:
And now life's saddest words I pen ... "If only I had owned it then!"

Farm and Land Realtor Magazine
October 1917

If You Want It, Get It

Real estate is not quite a commodity.

By that I mean you can’t go to the store and get another one any time you want. Each piece of property is unique. It can be available for weeks or months, and then one day it is gone.

During the time it is available, and remains available, it’s human nature to think it will always be available. Then one day, someone buys it, and suddenly it is no longer available.

Like the country musician Roy Clark might have said, you can’t do it again. You might get something similar, but once it has been sold, for all practical purposes it is gone.

If you see it, and if you want it, you should get it... while you still can.



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